Legionella services for part-occupied properties

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Second Element provide Legionella services for part occupied properties.

If you are the landlord or managing agent for landlords that have properties that are unoccupied for a short period of time the risk of legionella may vary from fully occupied properties.

It is important that water is not allowed to stagnate within the water system and so dwellings that are vacant for extended periods should be managed carefully.

Our Legionella services for part occupied properties can help you to identify the frequency for inspection and the maintenance strategy needed for your properties.

Out team will assess your water system and identify the potential places where stagnant water, and potentially legionella, could build up within the system.

Once the survey has taken place we will create a list of remedial actions for your property and our team of skilled technicians will carry out any necessary work required.

Our highly skilled and experienced plumbers have specialist legionella expertise, and provide our clients with a professional and friendly service across the United Kingdom.



We provide compliance from £75.00